Ports and Municipalities

A key resource at major locations

 The E2 team has extensive experience working with ports and municipalities, supporting them with a broad range of environmental services. We understand the intricacies of working with these entities — the need to juggle the collective demands of government, industry and commerce — and are uniquely qualified to offer ongoing expertise and guidance.


Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

The E2 Team has a proven track record with Marine Ports.  Many of our personnel have worked at, for, or alongside the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach or one of their tenants.  This fact gives our team a significant advantage; we are able to bring our field of expertise to delivering work products that are of the high caliber expected at the Ports.  Our previous work at Ports, as well as several other Port Authorities including Long Beach, Hueneme, Stockton, Oakland and Seattle, provides an appreciation of the setting, facilities, specialized coastal technical issues and regulatory requirements.

Since 2002, E2 has provided a wide range of environmental services to both San Pedro Bay ports. With our support, the Port of Long Beach has won international recognition for its Green Port initiative and the Port of Los Angeles has set a record for the largest container volume. The E2 team has immersed itself in the port industry to understand the specific needs and what drives decisions. We have also developed positive relationships and partnerships with tenants and members of the local community and are affiliated with organizations such as the Harbor Association of Industry & Commerce.


Los Angeles Department of Public Works

E2 has provided services to the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works (County) since 2007 under a contract for as-needed environmental compliance management services for the Construction Division. The division’s Environmental Compliance Unit (ECU) needs trained, experienced personnel who can hit the ground running on various environmental compliance and management tasks for construction projects located throughout Los Angeles County. E2 serves as an extension of the staff, providing ongoing environmental experts and qualified environmental guidance.