Land Development and Property Rehabilitation

Adding value through environmental assessment

From managing environmental investigations and cleanup activities to implementing remediation plans, E2’s expertise and experience working with land developers has proved invaluable.

National City

Since 2005, E2 has provided on-call environmental assessment services to the Community Development Commission (CDC) of the City of National City. We currently manage all environmental investigation and cleanup activities associated with the City’s Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Project that involves the redevelopment of the City’s Public Works Yard and a Bus Maintenance Yard to an affordable housing development facility. Serving as the City’s environmental managers, E2 is responsible for assessing the environmental condition of the property, conducting community outreach meetings, preparing a Property Mitigation Plan (i.e., Environmental Management Plan), developing and implementing remediation action plans, and coordinating with the environmental regulatory agencies [i.e., Department of Toxix Substances Control (DTSC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health].



City of Vista

In July 2012, E2 was selected by the City of Vista Redevelopment Agency to perform an economic and feasibility analysis for two different development areas. The City of Vista was interested in assessing possible redevelopment alternatives for each of the properties.