At E2, Rick Mock is known for his creative and engaging personality, and he is no different in his work. Since the early days of E2, Rick has been at the development forefront of many of the Environmental, Health and Safety Information Management (EMIS) practice processes and methodologies in place today. Rick has been instrumental in helping set the direction and the vision of the E2 EMIS practice, and most importantly has led many clients down a successful path of improved environmental, health, and safety information management.

Rick is proud of E2’s company and culture. “I love the creative environment that we’ve developed at E2” he says, “it allows our consulting talents to shine and eliminates the stagnation found at the larger consulting firms I’ve been a part of. It’s new and fresh.” Rick is dedicated to E2 and his vision and determination has helped the company achieve significant growth in the EMIS marketplace.

With degrees in Physics and Civil Engineering, Rick was originally drawn to the environmental consulting world for its confluence of different scientific disciplines. He eventually found his niche using technology to harness information and help organizations solve environmental, health, and safety challenges. In the emerging EMIS field, he saw the opportunity to cultivate concepts and apply technology in a new and exciting way.

Rick’s thorough knowledge of the EMIS industry and his creative outlook assist him in his day-to-day engagements with clients, colleagues, and peers. At E2, Rick has touched every aspect of the consulting business, from operational management to business development, and of course the most important aspect – client service. His aversion to stagnation and his desire to continually do more makes Rick a strong consultant and a remarkable asset to E2. He asserts, “I like to grow. I don’t like to stand still. I always want to do something new and interesting.”

Alongside his work for E2, Rick has also published several industry papers, spoken at industry conference and events, and conducted many webinars around the evolution of EMISs in the marketplace. Outside of E2, Rick enjoys his family time with his wife and two daughters (including helping his daughters navigate the crazy world of competitive gymnastics), traveling, many outdoor sports, and is a confessed football/basketball/baseball sports fan junkie.


  • University of California, Irvine: MS, Civil Engineering, 1995
  • Occidental College: BA, Physics, 1993


  • Professional Civil Engineer: California


  • American Society of Civil Engineers