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Quick Turnaround: Create Independent EHS Systems

Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Divides Creating Short Lead-Time to Implement

In January 2013, a pharmaceutical laboratory divided into two units, creating a major pharmaceutical company that is committed to addressing the world’s greatest health concerns—such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. This pharmaceutical manufacturer is determined to change the lives of people around the globe. To accomplish such ambitious undertakings it is critical to get Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) systems in place and optimized so they can focus on doing what they do best—bringing life changing products to market.

As a result of the spin-off, the pharmaceutical employees would no longer have access to the main systems they had been working with, which meant a new EH&S Management Information System (EMIS) would have to be quickly functional within a one-year time frame. In the world of EMIS a go-live goal of one year is considered aggressive, but possible. With this rapid schedule in mind, the pharmaceutical manufacturer hired E2 ManageTech (E2) to help them select a best fit software vendor, in this case, Enablon, and roll out the new global enterprise system.

Within a tightly packed six to eight month period, the E2 team guided the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s global EHS organization to a final software selection. E2 leveraged best practices from other clients, and used this information to help the global team align with new systems through a series of on-site workshops. After selecting Enablon, E2 quickly transitioned to implementing the selected system; this began with system architecture definition, design and documentation.

While much of the business world embraces virtual project delivery and a focus on technology, E2 understands how critical people are to the success of an EMIS system. In an on-line world of information systems, E2 has not abandoned inter-personal communication. A common attribute of E2’s culture is the Project Managers commitment to “do what it takes” for a clients’ success. The major pharmaceutical manufacturer is a global company, which works in many countries, with multiple languages, cultures, processes, and methods for training. Though this global deployment coupled with the tight schedule created far-reaching challenges, the E2 staff was able to maintain patience and professionalism.

E2 created a multi-phase project plan specifically tailored for the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s needs. Each phase (Metrics, Event Management & Action Plans, and Audit) included time allocated for design, implementation, testing, and global training. E2 prepared the implementation process meticulously, with little room for schedule flexibility, however; they found they needed to make project modifications as unexpected developments surfaced. E2 was well-prepared, but constantly changing requirements lengthened the time and process. It took time, but E2 adjusted to the evolving project requirements, and made the necessary changes as the project progressed. Throughout the EMIS deployment, E2 upheld communication and personal contact with the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s stakeholders, working suggestions and feedback into the design where possible.

Unique user permission requests and integrations with other of the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s systems posed challenges to the project. During the rollout of the Environmental, Health, and Safety management tool, user access requirements dictated that E2 update upwards of ten forms, modify code for multiple system functions, as well as perform subsequent detailed regression testing. Human resources and occupational health data was not delivered in a clean format. This meant system integrations had to be deployed with an iterative strategy. Even with the additional stress these changes presented to the project schedule, E2 managed to meet document requirements, which included a sizeable number of changes each time.

The schedule was stretched, but with E2’s quick and disciplined work, the major pharmaceutical manufacturer successfully deployed the EMIS system by the end of year deadline. User feedback from the system has been universal acceptance amongst the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s employees. The exceptional efforts by both the pharmaceutical company and E2 team members (including some sleepless nights and caffeine-buzzed days…) combined to create a new and outstanding system. The major pharmaceutical manufacturer’s internal stakeholders and organizational leaders have taken ownership of the system, describing the new EMIS as “intuitive, user-friendly, and well designed.”

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Date : 30 Jun 2015

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