CenterPoint Properties

Minimizing liability, maximizing value.

CenterPoint Properties develops, acquires and manages industrial property and transportation infrastructure across the nation. E2 advises CenterPoint on general environmental issues and negotiating properties’ fair-market value. From a large warehouse in Carson to industrial facility in Torrance, we conduct due diligence studies to assess the environmental condition of properties throughout Southern California that CenterPoint is thinking of acquiring — to minimize liability potential as it relates to prior releases of hazardous substances.


  • Preliminary screening analysis
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Practice
  • Phase II Environmental Site Investigations to assess areas where hazardous substances are suspected to have been released to the environment
  • Predict potential risks to future occupants on the property.
  • Assess regulatory status of the property
  • Estimate the nature and extent of contamination that may exist on candidate sites
  • Develop cost estimates of anticipated costs to clean-up impacted areas

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Date : 27 May 2014